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Laadukkaat tracking-tutkimukset apunasi jatkuvassa tiedonkeruussa.


  • pysyt ajan tasalla yleisestä kehityksestä
  • seuraat kilpailukenttää
  • peilaat omaa suoriutumistasi
  • seuraat markkinointitoimenpiteiden vaiktuksia
  • opit mikä toimii parhaiten
  • tunnistat uudet mahdollisuudet

We have been working with Norstat for more than a year now on national as well as international studies and are extremely satisfied. The data has a high quality and gives us valuable impulses for our company management. In addition, we note that Norstat's team discusses with us at eyeslevel and provides valuable information on project setup and study design. Timings are always crisp with us as we are a stock-listed company, but Norstat has never disappointed us. Paired with a lot of fun in a partnership-based customer relationship, this makes Norstat our number 1 choice.

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